People who care about your digital product

Our team consists of a group of passionate experts with different skills and expertise. Therefor we believe our team of strong human personalities is the key to our success.

Building digital products
isn’t a job, it’s a passion

We closely follow technological evolutions and only implement a technology once it has proven its use or added value. Whether we develop a web application or app for mobile or tablet: every technology we involve is therefore a well-considered choice.

You will also not catch us adding something purely because it is hip or trendy. We go for stable, reliable technologies that support and reinforce the whole. Only in this way can you achieve the desired goals and also achieve success in the long term.

Achiel Volckaert

Owner & Full Stack Developer

What we value

Quality over quantity

We are convinced that the quality of a product says more than the quantity. We therefore strive to draw up a clear plan with good coordination between the various elements of your project.

Collaboration is key

We always approach a project as being part of a team. We aim to incorporate functional and modern design in combination with efficient and optimal code. Only through this we can achieve the best results.

Open and transparent

The success story behind a digital project is good communication. Our open and transparent approach allows us, together with you, to evolve your idea into a qualitative and progressive digital product.

Commited and consistent

Each and every one of us is passionate about IT. One in design, the other in front-end and/or back-end development. Because each of us can carry out his/her passion, dedication and commitment became standards.

Innovative technology

At Synrise Labs we are well aware that technology continues to evolve. Therefore we study your project down to the smallest details. This allows us to make a balanced choice as to which technology fits within your project.

Always there

Digital products are never fully finished. After the first release we stand by to assist you wherever it's needed. But we're also available to evolve the project through creation of new features.

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Behind the products we develop, you find a very passionate team that only wants the best of the best.
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Meet the team

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